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I can not say enough about our how great our experience has been at Pro Star, My son Jack hurt his back playing football a few months back, he could hardly walk straight and was very crooked , he was going to PT for awhile and he seem to be getting a little better but not to much. We heard about Jim at Pro star and figured we would give it a try. That was the best decision we made .Jim has been working on my son the last 2 months and the improvement are unbelievable .We go once a week and when we are there Jim is 100 percent focus on getting my son better. He truly cares about his patients, Jim calls during the week to check on him and does research on his injury so that the next time we see him he knows what stretches and areas to work on. I truly believe going to Jim and Eric at Pro star my son is on the way to be back to normal. THANK YOU Jim and Eric you guys Rock. Jim and Jack Kugit

Jim Kugit

I came to Jim with a pulled quadricep muscle and as a competitive power lifter I just can't have that especially since I'm training for my next competition in less than seven weeks. I was in need of a fix as fast as possible so that I could get back to training and reach my goals and I had set for myself. With just one session in Jim's office I was able to feel better and help the healing process expedited self with Jim's guidance and my own personal therapy. In just one week I was able to get back to training and do more than I had expected. I know without Jim's therapy I would not of been able to do this. As long as I am able to I will continue to use Jim every couple weeks to help progress my training and keep me competing as long as possible. I'm very grateful for your help Jim! Below with my text message to him after my training session… "Hey buddy super grateful you got me in last week. I was able to squat 550 lbs for 6 reps and hit my numbers today with no discomfort! I did feel cautious but I made it! You truly are a doctor brother! Thank you.

Gary Miller

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